How to Fold a Brompton Bike

How to Fold a Brompton Bike: A Step-by-Step Guide

Whether you’re an avid urban cyclist or simply someone who wants a convenient mode of transportation, mastering the art of folding a Brompton bike is a skill worth acquiring. In this article, we’ll take you through the step-by-step process of elegantly folding a Brompton bike, allowing you to effortlessly tuck it away or take it with you on public transport. So grab your Brompton, and let’s unfold the secrets to folding!


Before you begin folding your Brompton bike, there are a couple of important preparations you need to make. First, check the bike’s condition. Make sure everything is in good working order, including the brakes, gears, and tires. If there are any issues, it’s best to address them before attempting to fold the bike.

Next, choose a suitable location to fold your Brompton bike. It’s important to have enough space to maneuver the bike and ensure that there are no obstacles or hazards in the area. A flat, open area would be ideal for this task.

Step 1: Unfolding the Handlebars and Seat

To begin folding your Brompton bike, you’ll first need to unfold the handlebars and seat. Start by releasing the handlebar clamp, which is located near the top of the stem. Once the clamp is released, you can raise the handlebars to your desired height and tighten the clamp to secure them in place.

Next, unlock the seat post clamp, usually located just below the seat. By pulling up on the seat post, you can adjust the height to a comfortable position. Once you’ve found the right height, make sure to secure the seat post clamp to keep the seat in place.

How to Fold a Brompton Bike

Step 2: Lowering the Seat and Handlebars

After unfolding the handlebars and seat, it’s time to lower them back down for folding. Start by loosening the seat post clamp and pushing the seat post down until it is at its lowest position. Once the seat is lowered, tighten the seat post clamp to ensure it stays in place.

Next, locate the handlebar height adjustment lever. Unlock the lever and push down on the handlebars until they are folded down completely. Once the handlebars are fully folded, lock the handlebar height adjustment lever to keep them secure.

Step 3: Folding the Frame

Now that the handlebars and seat are lowered, it’s time to fold the frame of the Brompton bike. Start by unlocking the frame latch, which is usually located near the hinge of the bike frame. Once the latch is released, fold the front end of the bike towards the rear end.

After folding the front end, proceed to fold the rear end of the bike towards the front end. Once both ends are folded, make sure to secure the frame latch to hold the bike in its folded position.

How to Fold a Brompton Bike

Step 4: Folding the Pedals

To further compact the folded bike, you’ll need to fold the pedals. Start by rotating the right pedal counterclockwise until it is in a folded position. Once folded, rotate the left pedal counterclockwise and fold it as well. Folding the pedals helps to reduce the overall width of the folded bike.

Step 5: Folding the Front Wheel

The next step in folding your Brompton bike is folding the front wheel. Look for the front wheel catch and release it to allow the front wheel to fold. Once the catch is released, fold the front wheel towards the frame of the bike. Once folded, make sure to secure the front wheel catch to keep the wheel in place.

Step 6: Securing the Folded Bike

With the bike now folded, it’s important to secure it properly. Start by engaging the rear wheel latch, which is usually located near the rear wheel. This latch helps to keep the rear wheel in position and prevents it from unfolding.

Next, engage the front wheel fork latch, which is located near the front wheel. This latch secures the front wheel in place and prevents it from unfolding while the bike is being carried.

To further secure the folded bike, attach a bungee cord around the frame, handlebars, and seat. This will help keep everything in place and make it easier to carry the folded bike.

Step 7: Optional Steps

If you want to make your folded Brompton bike even more compact, there are a few optional steps you can take. One option is to remove the seat post completely. This can be done by releasing the seat post clamp and pulling the seat post out of the frame. Removing the seat post reduces the overall height of the folded bike.

Another optional step is to fold the handlebar stem. Start by loosening the handlebar stem clamp, usually located near the base of the handlebars. Once the clamp is loosened, you can fold the handlebar stem down towards the frame. This further reduces the folded size of the bike.

If you want to fold the bike even further, you can remove four components – the seat, seat post, handlebars, and front wheel. By removing these components, you can achieve the most compact folded size possible.

Lastly, if you plan on carrying your folded Brompton bike, you can use the strap provided. This strap can be attached to the bike and used as a handle for easy carrying.

Unfolding and Assembling

When it’s time to unfold and assemble your Brompton bike, follow these steps. Start by undoing the strap and removing it from the bike. Then, unfold the bike frame by releasing the frame latch and unfolding both the front and rear ends of the bike.

Next, unfold the pedals by rotating them into their extended position. Make sure they are fully unfolded and locked into place.

Now, it’s time to unfold and adjust the handlebars and seat. Begin by unfolding the handlebars and raising them to your desired height. Then, adjust the seat post to your preferred height and lock it in place.

After unfolding and adjusting the handlebars and seat, take a moment to adjust the brakes and gears. Ensure they are functioning properly and make any necessary adjustments.


Now that you know how to fold and unfold a Brompton bike, it’s time to put this knowledge into practice. Take the time to become familiar with the folding process, as it may take a few tries to get comfortable with it. Once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be able to enjoy the convenience of a compact folding Brompton bike, whether it’s for easy storage, transport, or commuting. Happy folding!

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